Like in my Book of Shadows, I try to make annotations, so I can keep a following thread and see if I improved an area. It has been a long time since I draw anything, even head sketches. With the tight agenda I have during the day, it’s kinda hard for me to draw something at night, since I tend to get sleepy around 10 pm.

Thank goodness for sellfreelions giving me the idea of the GW2 hairstyles, I love this one a lot and fits my character (those norn fellas are a beauty to behold, props to Arena Net). I should work the beard, I’m still not convinced with it. I want detailed things, but not excessively baroque with those details!

Like I said before, I’m posting this while I’m dying of slumber, so I try to sketch during the day, and that means during [boring] classes. If there’s opportunity, I sketch on the laptop. If not, I’ll sketch on paper and glue it on my Book of Shadows, so I can keep an updated entry on it. Next, body proportions, because drawing dwarf bodies is no easy task!


I suppose you remember these from certain illustration I did two years ago, and from being the third icon in my blog: The Harp, The Wyvern and St. Mark’s Lion.

Since the setting of my dwarf is somewhat in an Earth AU in the Renaissance era, I wanted it to be located in Venice for reasons. Most of them thanks to Assassin’s Creed II, I fell in love with that game, and a friend of mine (another fan of the game) gave the idea to create an alternate Venice where magic was heavely present and the church always meddling in the faer folk issues. Not only fae themselves, but magical races alike, all protected by a veil of glamour, guile and guilds.

I created these arms mostly to represent Guild Houses without the ecutcheon so I could use them in various situations (like the illustration and the icons of my blog) and I noticed that I didn’t tinctured the tonge of he wyvern, so I broke a rule in designing coats of arms  red on black.

Now the guilds, or at least their WIPs:

  • The Bard’s Guild: Harp of the Fae in vert field;
  • The Warrior Guild: Wyvern passant in sanguine field;
  • The Venetian Court: Winged Lion (St Mark’s Lion) guardant in azure field.

I wasn’t sure how I would use these arms properly since I had to put something representative in the illustration. Funny thing is that I’m actually somewhat motivated to create the real guilds and maybe work on Skellig’s story properly! Anyways I just wanted to show them to you, and to upload some “art”.

They have the dates from 2012 because they were created back then and one thing: I wanted to make sure that the symbols were based in real iconography (of course) so there are some resemblance to some coat of arms you may have seen before.


P.S.: My grammar is shitty today, sorry for the typos and phrase construction! xD

I wonder if other folks have seen these!


get it

Listening Lana del Rey’s “Little Girls” while watching this gif unfold it’s inner power is quite… weird.

chiripepe answered to your post “I should sketch some more.”

Doodle your favorite character from Persona 3!

Once I get deep into the game, maybe I’ll be able to doodle some party members since I recently found Fuuka! For the moment I’m sketching my dorf, now he has a gayer haircut and I LOVE IT!

I’ll try to upload it later so I can show you all my advances. ;D



My favorite Persona Tarot cards are the ones from P2 (they look like from a standard Tarot deck (especially Sun with the child on a horse and with the flag, Moon with the wolves and the crab and the Lovers with Archangel Raphael above the Lovers) but still unique and really old which I like).


Ah yes, I remember these from the articles I read about Persona 2. They have a more traditional feeling and I love the colour scheme! The problem is that I’m still unable to find decent images from the deck! But since I was able to find a HD version of Persona 3/Persona 4 Tarot, maybe I’ll be lucky and find these Arcana as well… chiripepe, thank you for showing me these! ;D

I should sketch some more.

Yeah, because my skills are way too rusty. It’s not normal that I’m delaying this much to do simple head sketches!

This is what happens when duty and sadness knocks my door and deprives me from drawing for months, if not almost years.I MUST TOUGHEN UP, NOT EVEN SCHOOL CAN STOP ME!


Now, I hope I can upload something tomorrow, something consistent. Any tips for the artists that follow me to keep doodling without losing myself to banality?