So uhh, my clothing dye ate through my gloves…..

+3 spellcasting +1 summoning EFF: 2XDAM vs undead

The tattoo makes it more demonic than undead.



"Alright, my Stand is opening commissions, 5 slots open, commissions are listed at ¥3000 for a coloured drawing with a simple background, payment is done via Paypal. note me if you want a slot ! Help me fund my trip to Egypt to find and defeat Dio ! “


Mount Rainier National Park, Kevin Russ


Small Sword

  • Dated: circa 1780
  • Culture: French, Paris
  • Medium and Technique: forged steel blade; partially gilt and russet steel hilt; steel wire, leather bands, wood core
  • Measurements: overall - l:103.50 cm (l:40 11/16 inches) Wt: .36 kg. Blade - l:86.10 cm (l:33 7/8 inches). Guard - w:8.30 cm (w:3 1/4 inches)

Source: Copyright © 2014 Cleveland Museum of Art

Ah, Pheres-Band Warchief…

… I was expecting you to do a Centaur tribal deck. But I don’t know how to actually do tribal decks functional and decent, really. >.>

There are nice centaurs there and very cheap too, EXCEPT FOR COURSER OF KRUPHIX. Jewels like Fanatic of Xenagos, Burning-Tree Shaman, Centaur Healer and Call of the Conclave are a good start. For now I have a list. I’m with a low budget, so no fetchfest nor expensive cards, it’s just everything I can get without selling a kidney:

22 Lands

8 Forest

6 Mountain

4 Plains

2 Rootbound Crag

2 Sunpetal Grove

24 Creatures

4 Elvish Mystic

4 Burning-Tree Shaman

4 Fanatic of Xenagos

4 Centaur Healer

4 Pheres-Band Warchief

2 Nylea’s Disciple

2 Stonebrow, Krosan Hero

14 Other Spells

4 Call of the Conclave

2 Selesnya Charm

4 Lightning Helix

2 Shared Animosity

2 Fated Intervention

This is a rough sketch of things to come, so it looks messy! But please, feel free to give your opinion, every advice counts since I’m a disaster in deck brewing. :D

Any ideas?